Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beans and Rice

Yesterday I made Beans and Rice for our guests. I didn't get a picture of it right when I made it, but like many foods it tastes even better a day later and reheated. This is a picture from today.

To make this, start with a package of fake bacon (whatever brand you like). I guess you could use Bacos, but I find them just a little too plastic.
Chop the fakon (fakon = fake bacon) into 1" wide pieces and put into a heavy bottom large pot with a little bit of oil. Cook until crisp and then remove from the pot. Into the pot goes two stalks of celery diced. After a couple of minutes add two onions also diced. Give those a couple of minutes to start to soften and then add 4-5 cloves of diced garlic along with a diced red pepper, diced yellow pepper and a diced green pepper. Let all that start to cook and soften up.

Around this time you're going to want to add some cajun seasoning (whatever kind you like - I find Tony Chachere waaaay too salty). Also add two bay leaves and then cover the pot and let all the flavors mingle together.

While that is happening, cook up 3 cups of rice (I like a nice Basmati). For those who are new to cooking, this means bringing 6 cups of water to a boil, adding 3 cups of rice, waiting for it to hit a boil again, then lowering it to a simmer and leave covered for about 20 minutes.

To the veggies, add two cans of drained kidney beans and throw the cooked fakon back into the pot. This all then starts to blend together nicely. Lower the heat to a simmer and let sit until the rice is done.

Once the rice is cooked, add the rice to the veggie/bean mixture. Then give a very healthy squirt of ketchup and stir it all together. The amount of ketchup is one of those personal things, I like the rice and beans to have a nice pink color. Now is a good time to taste the dish and see if it needs additional seasoning.

This is a good time to serve the food to your guests, just warn them not to eat the bay leaves if they find them in their bowl.

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